GPS Tracker Pendent



GPS + AGPS + WIFI + LBS Multiple Mode Positioning: The device can automatically recognize the positioning network and switch the positioning mode automatically too, indoors using LBS/WIFI positioning mode while outdoors GPS/BD positioning mode.

Historical Route Track(Footprint Record): The movement route of the GPS holder in the latest 3 months will be recorded for future checking, so you can track all the places the GPS holder has been to,easier to find the lost, such as your kids, elderly, family beloved ones or luggage, valuables, pets, cars,motorcycles and etc.

Remote Voice Monitoring(Listen in): 3 registered numbers can make a silence call to the tracker, then the tracker will answer automatically and allow the caller to hear what is happening aroung the tracker. There is no voice indication that the call is in progress so you can hear the sounds around the GPS device while the device side can not hear you at all! With this function, once your kid is in dangerous situation or your pet is far away from you, you can hear what is happening around them!

SOS Alarm(SOS Emergency Call): When the user encounter danger(like kidnapping or tumbling, the user can press the SOS button to make an emergency phone call to the SOS number for help.

Electronic Fence Alarm(Geo-fence ): You can set a safe area( the GPS holder as center) to keep the holder(such as your kids or pets) inside the area, when the GPS holder gets out of the safe area, the device will automatically raise an alarm in your phone application.

Low Battery Alarm: An alarm will be sent to the App when the battery is lower than 10%.

Phone Call: Besides serving as a GPS tracker, the device can also work as a mobile phone to make phone calls!

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