4G Personal GPS Safety Tracker


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Support 4G/3G/2G Network: Stronger signal, wider network cover, faster network speed.

Waterproof IP67: Real water proof device, can be used under water.

Smart Lantern: Can be turned off or on automatically with the ambient light.

Real Time GPS Tracking: Locate your loved ones anytime anywhere, safeguard them all the time.

GPS+WIFI+LBS Multiple Positioning Modes: the device can automatically recognize the positioning network and switch the positioning mode automatically too, indoors using LBS positioning mode while outdoors GPS positioning mode. Accurate real time tracking & device position data uploading automatically

Historical Route Track(Footprint Record): the movement route of the GPS user in the latest 3 months will be recorded for future checking, so you can track all the places the GPS holder has been to,easier to find the lost.

Electronic Fence Alarm(Geo-fence ): you can set a safe area( the GPS user as center) to keep them(such as your kids, elders, disabled) inside the area, when the GPS holder gets out of the safe area, the device will automatically raise an alarm in your phone application.

Low Battery Alarm: when the GPS track is running out of battery power, a low battery alarm will be sent to the application and monitor number.

Remote Listening: with this feature, you can listen to the device secretly without being heard.

Call Feature: You can use this device to track and protect your pets, and call him back remotely via calling feature.

Features :

The Application is applicable to both of Android and IOS system, we offer lifetime application and platform service for free!  Support will be provided in case client needs manager account to mange the devices.

Multiple Monitor Platforms: Mobile Application, Web Monitor Platform, WeChat.

Long standby time: There are 3 working time interval for the device positioning data uploading : 30 seconds, 10 min, 1 hour. Interval shorter, battery life longer. Interval 30 seconds, battery lasting about a 1 day; 10 min, battery lasting about 3 days; 1 hour, battery lasting about 4-6 days.


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